Process Post #11

Ah yes, the hellscape of online comments. As a seasoned poster, I’m very familiar with what comments can bring: constructive criticism, spam, trolls, and everything in between. Maybe it’s because I grew up online, but “rude” comments don’t typically bother me much, especially if it’s from an anonymous source. Rent Free I personally think it’s […]

Peer Review #3

This week I am reviewing Ali’s site, What is Ali’s audience? Instead of trying to decipher myself, I’ll let her explain in an excerpt from her Process Post #4: “The audience I have imagined for this page is people determined to learn an art, hobby, or a new skill. This place is a sight […]

Mini Assignment #4: Remix Something

Better late than never

Process Post #9

The internet has been an ever-present part of my life since I was a small child. I’ve seen the online landscape change before my very eyes as I’ve grown older. It feels a lot less “free” than it used to. Everything is about gaming the system now. Having your own little corner of the internet […]


YouTube educator Tom Scott (2022) recently put out a video detailing his thoughts on AI. Scott uses the metaphor of the sigmoid curve (an s-shaped curve) to describe the rate of technological progress. Progress starts slow as only the initial innovators exist in the market, until it begins to rapidly increase as others enter the […]

Process Post #8

I was thrilled to see Jon Bois’ 17776 as one of this week’s readings. This piece is one of my favourite examples of unconventional storytelling. The story takes full advantages of being published digitally, it could not be told the same way in a conventional medium. This piece of media blurs the lines of what […]

Peer Review #2:

I am reviewing Ainah Enduma’s blog, The homepage design is simple but pleasing. I was worried her homepage would look like the examples in Travis Gertz’s article, but I was pleasantly surprised. Most minimalist websites I see opt for a sans-serif font as it looks more “modern”, so it’s a nice change to see […]

Process Post #7

At the beginning of 2020, no individual, no government, really “knew” anything about Covid-19 or the long-term effects of the pandemic, it was all educated guesses at best. World leaders were making policy decisions based on incomplete information about something that no one really understood. The problem with this is that they were relaying all […]

Process Post #6

*In response to Travis Gertz’s article, “Design Machines: How to survive the digital apocalypse” I really enjoyed this article. It’s unlike any article I’ve read on the web. The design is fantastic and original, and the writing doesn’t seem like the sanitized bullshit we’re used to. You can tell Travis Gertz poured his heart into […]

Process Post #5

Who is my audience? “People are creating an internet that is less about connections and feedback, and more about quiet spaces they can call their own”. This is a quote from Tanya Basu on the topic of “digital gardens”. I think this quote embodies what I am trying to go for on this site. I […]